Mike Sporer

​(570) 906-4573

Specializing in Small Businesses & Nonprofits

Mike Sporer, Company President, was employed as Chief Financial Officer at a public career school, he operated a computer consultancy, and is hands-on active as a volunteer on non-profit boards along with other community activities.  As a result of work experience and exposure, he has gained a deep and varied set of skills. 

Our passion is helping non-profits and businesses be successful.  Our work is based in a Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) mindset.  Let Learning Lead comes from the Toyota Production System.  Mike has studied and implemented Continuous Process Improvement.  It works!  And its ideas are transferable to all sorts of businesses and non-profits.  This mind-set of CPI, along with the skills Mike has been fortunate enough to develop, form the basis of our work.  We love working with Small Businesses!

If you are a person with a disability, call us for no-cost referrals. Mike is himself a Person with a Disability (PWD), and he does volunteer work for people with disabilities (both physical and developmental).

We have a network of collaborative partners and vendors.  Check out our work and proficiencies.  We offer our services at very reasonable rates geared toward small businesses and nonprofits.